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van Duggan Holdings is an independent property development company based in Dublin with an impressive track record and extensive portfolio of real estate developments. With over 27 years experience our portfolio includes luxury residential new builds, build to rent, private residential, commercial projects. We specialise in the Private Rental Sector (PRS) / Build To Rent (BTR) Sector and Social / Affordable Housing Sector. We have amassed considerable experience in these areas and offer bespoke solutions to Land Owners, Property Funds and other Investors. As an integral part of the development process, we use our expertise in site acquisition, planning and our construction experience to ensure all our projects provide a maximum return.

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If you are a fund, private investor or housing body we have numerous residential sites available with completed feasibilities and due diligence, giving you direct access to sites ready to develop.

We also have access to a large network of property owners and can source appropriate sites as required.

We are specialists in feasibility modelling and master planning and can conduct all necessary due diligence working with our team of experts.

We are experienced project managers and can lead complex, large construction projects and ensure their satisfactory completion, on time and on budget.

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We are focused on investment opportunity and return. We assess each project in great detail to ensure maximum return for any potential investment. Completed due diligence including site appraisals, feasibility, financial modelling and master planning give our investors the information they need to assess each opportunity.



As experts in land use, zoning, planning and property development, we work with clients and investors both in the private and public sector. We work on all aspects of development from specific needs to whole projects. We are happy to assist in any way we can with new or on-going projects to lend our expertise.



We work on construction projects of all sizes across the Irish property sector through our construction partner network. From large residential housing schemes to commercial projects. We are experienced project managers with a large portfolio of work and have over 25 years of building expertise in Ireland.


Development Experts

As Experienced Property Experts we can bring Projects from Inception to Completion or bring our Expertise to an Element of the Project.

Development Experts

As Experienced Property Experts we can bring projects from Inception to Completion or bring our expertise to an element of the project such as site acquisition, feasibility, construction etc.

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At Evan Duggan Holdings we are committed to Realising Development Potential and Maximising Return

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