Acquire My Site

‘Through me extensive experience in site acquisition, I have found a key issue for site owners wanting to maximise returns is an inability due to lack of expertise, funds or time to bring a site properly to market. We have developed a new and innovative product to allow site owners achieve the full potential market price of their site without incurring any costs or losing excessive time.’

Evan Duggan, Director

We have found site owners struggling to sell sites with good potential through traditional estate agent avenues. The reason for this is that their sites have not been properly packaged and as such are unattractive to potential investors and funds. However packaging a site through feasibility modelling,  financial modelling and carrying out all due diligence with regard to legal, planning, engineering considerations involves significant self-investment. We have developed a new product to allow site owners achieve the full potential market price of their site without incurring any costs or losing excessing time. We will commit to buy the site and fund all the necessary packaging, what we ask for a contract of sale with a 5 month window to close. In this time we will have all the work done and have brought the site to our partner funds to secure the sale.

Benefits to Seller

  • Commitment within 1 week to Buy the Site
  • Ability to Achieve Full Market Price Potential with No Investment
  • Evan Duggan & Associates funds the site packaging of approx. 45,000 – 55,000 euro.
  • Sale complete within 6 months of this first meeting
  • If you have an existing Estate Agent, we can negotiate an agreeable fee subject to completion of the sale.

Seller Commitment

Contract with Evan Duggan & Associates Sale of your Site with a 5 month window to close. Supply all necessary documents and information as required.

Our Commitment

If for any reason we cannot secure the funding and the closing of your site within the timescale, we will give you for free our feasibilities and financial modelling studies giving you added value to your site.

Step 1

2 Hour Meeting, Decision with 7 Days

We will meet with you in person, walk the site and talk about your expectations for the site. If we access the site to have development potential we will commit to purchase the site.

Step 2

Contract Signed within next 2 weeks

We will contract with you to buy the site subject to a 5 month window to package site and have one of our funding partners commit to fund the purchase.

Step 3

5 months

We will fund all aspects of preparing and packaging the site in order to be able to bring it properly to our funding partners.

This includes:

  • Feasibility Modelling

  • Mapping

  • Title Check

  • Architectural Feasibility

  • Town Planner Opinion

  • Financial Modelling

  • Engineers Report

  • Quantity Surveyors Report

  • Drilling of Trail Holes

  • Drainage Report

  • All necessary Due Diligence with regard to Legal, Planning and Engineering considerations

Step 4

4 weeks

Site purchase is completed and funds transferred with no need for extensive due diligence as this is already completed is stage 3.

Interested in Selling Your Site to Us